Thank you to everyone who attending AIDSbeat Rock & Roll Circus! We hope you had a fantastic time!

Click here to view photos from the event!


CANFAR is the only national organization in Canada dedicated to privately funding HIV and AIDS research. We believe that research benefits everyone, everywhere.


Canada is leader in HIV and AIDS research. With the help of generous donations, and events like AIDSbeat, CANFAR has been able to fund vital Canadian HIV and AIDS research. CANFAR-funded researchers have discovered:

-          A key component of the drug treatment that is keeping many people alive today

-          Findings that have nearly eliminated the risk of HIV transmission between a mother and her baby

-          An HIV vaccine candidate that can reduce, and sometimes prevent, HIV progression

-          Research that has progressed other areas including cardio-vascular diseases and cancer

With your help, we will end AIDS through research!


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